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It is often necessary for businesses who wish to secure the services of a person to conduct background checks on their prospective employees. This check is often a sound business decision given the level of trust that may be given by an employer to his employee. Georgia arrest records are one of the sources of background information that a prospective employer may depend on during background checks because these records are often complete and difficult to gloss over. Worth County Arrest Records are available with the local sheriff office as the primary law enforcement agency in Worth County, in local police stations, as well as a variety of online sources not necessarily limited to government websites.

Arrest records typically contain personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition of the case, and custodial information of the offender had been incarcerated. As the primary law enforcement agency in Worth County, the sheriff office, located in Sylvester, Georgia, has records of arrest including warrants of arrest and complaints that had led to the issuance of such warrants. Certified copies of such arrest records may be obtained from the sheriff’s office, but at present, the office has no satellite office, requiring actual presence in the office for those who wish to obtain copies. Given the time involved, it may be advisable to take the search online.

In this regard, the state government of Georgia has a database that anyone could use to search for records. Under Georgia Law – O.C.G.A. 35-3-35C – electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained by anyone even without the permission of the person whose records had been requested. There is no need for fingerprint comparison in order for the records to be released, but the records to be released are still subject to some exemptions such as when the offender does not get prosecuted.

Worth County Arrest Records

Electronic information releases in this regard are released through the Georgia Crime Information Center. As a state-based database, the records found in this database pertain not only to Worth County, but also to the whole state of Georgia. The database is an online database and for a search to commence, there are fields that must be answered by the searcher in order for the system to find the records. It must be noted that the more information that could be provided by the searcher, the more accurate the search would be. Every search using the database costs fifteen dollars, and this is true even if the search yields no matches. The results of the search using the database are returned near instantaneous.

Under Georgia law, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the central repository for Georgia’s Violent Sexual Offender Registry. In relation to this, the Bureau maintains a separate online database that anyone may use to locate the records of sex offenders. Although this database is limited to sex offenders, the use of the database is free and also near instantaneous with its results.

Finally, the fourth option available to a searcher would be to take the search online using specialized online databases. These online databases are everywhere in the World Wide Web and provides the searcher not only with information regarding arrest records but also other vital records and pertinent information. Unlike government sponsored websites, most of these online databases are free to use. They also have the advantage of having more data in them as well as being near instantaneous with their results. In addition, the use of these websites requires only an internet connection and a computer, and does not require the searcher to leave the comforts of their home or to fall in line.

Worth County Arrest Log

Vital facts on how the authorities in Worth protect its people from future crimes:

  • Worth has created an online portal called Offender Watch for the residents to quickly search on the registered sex offenders in their community
  • For ideas on how to safeguard your children from these offenders the County has shared a few safety tips to stay away from these noted criminals
  • To request for copies of the arrest records in Worth, simply visit the sheriff’s office and be guided on how to go through the entire search procedure

Worth County Sheriff Arrests

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