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A new neighbor moving in often elicits two kinds of response from those who have already laid down their roots in a particular neighborhood. The first response would be the welcoming one, and this is not surprising. A new neighbor means a new friend, a new workmate, even a new person to trust to look after your house when you are in vacation and to look after your kids while you are working and they are playing in the front porch of your home. The other is the more sinister kind of response, the kind of response that is reserved for those who are not deserving of trust, reserved for those who give off an aura that quickly say that they should not be trusted. Yet, often, it is those who have the appearance of normality that deserve our most abject vigilance. This then brings up the question of just who could we really trust? In the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records refer to any collection of records and information relating to a person and his background with emphasis on criminal history. It contains the personal information of the person to whom the records refer to, as well as arrest records, final judicial disposition of cases and incarceration records, if the person to whom the records refer to had been incarcerated. This collection of information often makes arrest records the first resource that an investigator would try to procure in conducting background checks.

Wilkes County Arrest Records



To obtain an arrest record in the county of Wilkes, the first agency that should be visited would be the county clerk. The county clerk has records of every arrest warrant issued within the county and often these arrest warrant records are coupled with other relevant information such as the civil and criminal aspect of the case. Under Georgia law, these records may be copied, but it must be noted that it may take some time for the records clerk to be able to find the copy that a searcher would request for, and that a copy of the record could cause anything from a dollar to twenty dollars. In any case, it is not possible for the agency to charge the searcher more than twenty dollars for the document. It must be, however, noted that in the state of Georgia, arrest records may be expunged when the person to whom the records refer to had requested for it to be done, though it could only be done for valid and specific circumstances.

The other agency to look into also has the problem of not being able to provide the searcher with the records requested should they be expunged, but unlike the earlier office, because the sheriff office is charged with serving the warrants and enforcing arrests, it is possible that the searcher could find unofficial information regarding the person to whom the records requested refer to. The procedure to officially obtain copies of records from the sheriff office is the same as the procedure in the office of the county clerk.

Finally, a more efficient method would be to conduct the search online. Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained even without the consent of the person to whom the records refer to. For this purpose, the state operates and maintains a state-based website, but for a truly more efficient search, a non-government affiliated database would do. These databases are often free to use and provide more information than the one originally requested for. For example, some of these online databases would provide the searcher not only arrest records, but also other vital records such as divorce papers and marriage certificates. In addition, because they are online searches, the results are near instantaneous and require only an internet connection and a computer.

Wilkes County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain arrest records from the sheriff office is provided below

  • Head over to the sheriff office in Washington, Georgia
  • At the records office, inform the records clerk of your request as well as other pertinent information necessary for the search.
  • Wait for the search to be finished. In some cases, this might take some time so you may have to come back some other day.
  • Once the search is finished, peruse the information.
  • If a copy is desired, inform the records clerk who would make the copy. It must be noted that the fee could not be more than twenty dollars.

Wilkes County Sheriff Arrest

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