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Wilcox County Arrest Records

Over the past years, it had become standard practice for people to conduct background checks. These background checks are conducted by persons who wish to take people into their business, or those people who have new neighbors and want to check them out. It is also possible for people who have newly moved into neighborhoods to check out who their neighbors are, but probably the fastest growing market niche of background checks are those who are about to tie the knot. All things considered, it is not terribly surprising that this is now the trend. A greater awareness of crime, the fact that trust could not be given easily, and the general growth of networks had all made background checks not only relatively easy to conduct but also necessary for security reasons. In the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of records that are kept and maintained by a competent legal authority not only because they are mandated to do by the law but also because of practical reasons. These set of records contain information that would not only be helpful to a searcher in the conduct of his search, such as personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases, and incarceration records, if the person to whom the record refer to had been incarcerated, but also as a means for a higher judicial authority to ensure that the requisite due process had been complied with.
Generally available to the public because of their nature as public records, arrest records may, nevertheless, be validly expunged upon request of the person to whom they refer to for valid reason.

Wilcox County Arrest Records



Generally, the first office that should be visited when searching for records would be the office of the county clerk. The county clerk has records of all arrest warrants issued within the county as well as the corresponding records of what happened after they had been served whether it is a civil or criminal case. Following a simple procedure and paying a minimal fee that should not exceed twenty dollars, a copy of such records may be had by the searcher. It must be noted, however, that once a record had been validly expunged, the same may no longer be available with the office of the county clerk.

In such a case, more results may be obtained from the office of the sheriff. As the frontline agency in the enforcement of law in Wilcox County, the sheriff and his deputies are often called to enforce arrests and serve warrants. It is not surprising that the office have their own records and though such records would also be no longer available should they be expunged for valid reasons, it is possible that some deputies may remember the details of such a record and be able to provide information unofficially.

For a more efficient search, however, it may be advisable to conduct the search online. Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. In connection with this, the state of Georgia maintains two online search databases, but it may be more efficient to conduct the search using non-government affiliated databases because aside from the advantages offered by the fact that it is an online search, such databases are often free of charge and provide more information than just arrest records. Said information may be of further use to the searcher.

Wilcox County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain electronic copies of arrest records from the database operated by the Georgia Crime Information Center is provided below

  • Go to the Georgia Felon Search website and click accept.
  • Fill out the necessary information as indicated by the asterisk (*) then click accept.
  • Conduct you search as you would a normal internet search.
  • It may be possible that the search would return multiple results, in such a case, the searcher would have to check all returns to locate the records requested for.

Wilcox County Sheriff Arrest

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