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For many people, moving into a new neighborhood is like moving into a new life. The prospect of meeting new people, of living in a new community, and making new friends is one of the reasons for uprooting and settling down in a new place, as is the necessity of moving because the new address is closer to the place of business, or because it is closer to the school where the children go to. For those new neighbors, it may be essential to ensure that they know not only exactly where they would be living next, but also to know the people that they would be living with. Neighbors, after all, would soon become their closest friends, the people that they would trust to take care of their homes when they are on vacation, and the kids when at work. In the state of Georgia, this is where the Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of papers and other information that a competent state or local authority, often both, keep and maintain, in pursuit of their mandate to govern. These records, containing personal information, arrest records, final judicial disposition of cases, and incarceration records, if the person to whom they refer to had been incarcerated before, are a means of checks to ensure that not only are the constitutional guarantees afforded to suspects but also to provide the public with information regarding the person to whom they refer to.

Wayne County Arrest Records



Under Georgia law, these records, electronic or otherwise, may be had by a searcher even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. At the forefront of law enforcement, the sheriff office is the first person that a person should look into when searching for records. In their pursuit of their mandate to enforce the law in Wayne County, the sheriff office is often called in to enforce warrants and to serve in hearings and trials. As a result of this, they have some of the most complete records in the county regarding arrests.

To obtain a record from the office of the Wayne County Sherriff, one must personally appear at the office of the sheriff to make the formal request. It must be noted that the person who would make the request must have a valid identification card, and such identification could not be the Social Service identification of a person, it must be another valid identification card.

Another source of information would be county clerk’s office. The county clerk has records of every arrest warrant issued in the county as well as records of what happened after the warrants had been served. To obtain a warrant from the county clerk, one must also make a personal appearance at the office of the county clerk, but it must be noted that if a record had been expunged, and in Georgia, this is a valid recourse of the offender provided that he meets certain circumstances, the county clerk would no longer have the records.

Finally, the more efficient method would be to take the search online using specialized online databases. The state of Georgia does maintain their own specialized online databases, but unlike non-government connected sites, these sites are limited in the terms of information that they provide. This is because most non-governmental sites are not only free to use and easy to understand, they also provide more information than the arrest records that specialized online databases are limited to provide. In addition, because they are online resources, the searcher only needs a computer and an internet connection, and if a copy is required, the only other piece of equipment needed would be a printer.

Wayne County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain a copy of an arrest record from the County Clerk’s Office is as follows

  • Visit the County Clerk’s Office
  • Put in a request for a record and present your valid identification card which could not be a Social Security Card.
  • Provide information that may be required by the records officer.
  • Wait for the search to be completed. In some cases, this might take some time and may require the searcher to return some other day.
  • Peruse the information
  • If a copy is desired, indicate to the records officer, then pay the fee which should not exceed twenty dollars

Wayne County Sheriff Arrests

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