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It is often said that one could not choose his neighbors, and that, no matter how much we dislike those who live near us, we have no choice but to live with it or move out of our homes. It is the same for our neighbors who may not like us, they have no choice but to live with us or move away from their homes and settle somewhere else. Although this is not the primary reason for the families and individuals uprooting their roots and setting them somewhere else, it is important to note this because of the fact that people do come and go. Sometimes, the people that come into our lives are good people, sometimes bad. The only thing in common between the two of them is that they would always appear to be good at the start. How sure can one be that his new neighbor is not actually an escaped convict, or a wanted criminal? One solution is conduct background checks, and in the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come into play.

Arrest records are public documents, and as such, subject to certain exemptions, they are generally available to the public. These records contain not only personal information but also arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases, and incarceration records if the person to whom the records refer to had been incarcerated.

Washington County Arrest Records



As the frontline agency in the enforcement of law in Washington County, Georgia, the Sheriff’s Office of Washington County, with its headquarters in Sandersville, is tasked not only with everyday enforcement of law, but also to provide assistance in trials and hearings. The records of the Sheriff’s Office, although limited only to people who had lived or are living within the boundaries of the county, are still complete and often the first source of records.

Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records are available to the public even without the consent of the person to whom the records refer to. Pursuant to this, the Georgia Crime Information Center operates and maintains an online offender search database. This database contains records of all the offenders in the state of Georgia, but the use of this database would cost the user fifteen dollars per search.

To provide a relatively similar service, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office operates and maintains a database that provide the similar information, albeit limited to within the boundaries of the county. This search database has the added feature of being free and could display the actual registered residence of offenders who reside within a specific radius of a given address. To use this service, one needs only to go to the database and input the information necessary. It is important to note that this service is free but there may be some inconsistencies as the office try to keep the records up to date.

More efficient than the websites operated and maintained by government attached agencies are the websites that are operated and maintained outside of the government agencies. These specialized online search databases populate the World Wide Web, and are often superior in the information that they give to the searcher for the simple reason that they are often not limited only to arrest records. These databases often provide other vital information regarding a person that may be of other use to the searcher.

Washington County Arrest Log

The procedure for using the database of the county sheriff’s office is provide below

  • Go to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office offender database search page
  • Input the necessary and requested for information
  • Click ‘Search’
  • Peruse the returns. It is possible for such database to have numerous returns, so the searcher may have to study all returns in order to locate the desired record.

Washington County Sherriff Arrests

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