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The world of today is a world of connections and networks. The growth of the internet over the course of the past few decades had led to the exponential boom of social networking sites that are designed to facilitate connections over large distances. The application of chat software had made face-to-face conversations between two people over a vast amount of distance as easy as a click for connection. Truly, today we live in an interconnected world. Yet, there are those who would take advantage of these networks and connections to facilitate their own nefarious purposes. Crime, while still at the lowest in the United States since the eighties, is on the rise once more, and no niche of crime had grown as much as the so-called cybercrimes. For all the reports we had been hearing about hacking over networks, there is, however, one very dark and far more dangerous aspect of cybercrime that has, for one reason or another, managed to remain under the radar despite its growth. This is especially frightening for parents whose children spend most of their time over the net, meeting people. How could parents be sure that the people that their children are spending their time with, online or otherwise, are as safe as they want to be? To be fair, it is impossible to be completely secure, but by going through Georgia Arrest Records, parents could be provided with at least a modicum of security.

Arrest records are those collections of records that are kept and maintained by local authorities as a means of informing the public about the people to whom the records refer to. Although not kept in public, these records are, nevertheless, public records and, unless validly expunged upon request of the person to whom the records pertain to for valid and specific circumstances, these records are available to the public.

Warren County Arrest Records



In Warren County, Georgia, a person who desires to obtain arrest records would be best advised to first try the office of the county clerk. The county clerk has records of every arrest warrant issued within the boundaries of the county as well as follow-up records such as the disposition of the case of the person arrested. A personal request for information is required in this instance, which means that the person who desires to see the record must personally appear at the office. The search may take some time given the sheer volume of records that must be checked, and as such, it is possible that the searcher may be asked to return some other time. Once the search is complete, however, it is as complete as it would ever be, unless extenuating circumstances would prevent the records clerk from presenting other parts of the records. It is possible to obtain a copy of the record, but the records clerk must be informed of the intention and only after payment of the requisite copying fee would the record be released.

If time is of the essence in the search, the searcher would be best advised to take the search online. The World Wide Web has a number of online resources that a searcher could use to obtain relevant information on a person. Indeed, some of these online resources, aside from the fact that they are easier to use, almost always free, and near instantaneous with their results, provide information that are not limited to the information that the searcher is requesting for, but may also be of some use to the searcher. In addition, because of the nature of online search, typically, a person need not leave the comforts of their own home, or chair for that matter, in order to conduct the search.

Warren County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain arrest records from the county clerk’s office is as follows.

  • Proceed to the County Clerk Office and fill out a request for information form available from the same office.
  • Submit the form to the clerk as well as other documents and/or identification cards that the clerk may require.
  • Wait for the search to be complete. It must be noted that some requests for information may take some time, so you may be asked to return some other day.
  • Once the search is complete, the records clerk would allow you to study the results.
  • If a copy is desired, inform the records clerk who would make a copy of the records for you, after paying the required copying fee.

Warren County Sheriff Arrests

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