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The Georgia Open Records Act requires that all the reports or incidents which occurred across all the counties should be put in a central database for transparency purposes. This effort is spearheaded by the government officials and reinforced at the county level for the benefit of all the residents. Georgia arrest records in other words have been placed in a Central Records Office for years and now it has to be implemented as well at the local level. Thus, in recent time the Union County arrest records are now in place for public viewing, but certain guidelines and policies must be established.

Requests on the retrieval of arrest documents can be accomplished via phone, mail or by simply dropping by the office in person. You need to present proofs of your residence to show that you are a legitimate citizen in Georgia. These proofs could include your voter’s ID, driver’s license and other paper documents where your picture and signature are printed on. The rate per page is $0.10; if you are to ask for more copies then it means that you are going to pay for an extra fee for the effort done. Make it certain though that you specify what type of record you are trying to pull-up so that the department concerned will immediately know what to look for.

Union County Arrest Records



The Sheriff’s Department is divided into three divisions including the Criminal Investigation, School Resource and Animal Control. These divisions are tasked to document any incident which could occur at any given time. The Department has also created an archive for sex offenders. It is where the sex offenders got registered for the information of everyone. Also, there is an inmate database for those who wanted to check on the files of the arrested or incarcerated individuals. The good news about these records is that they are slowly been migrated to an online database so people don’t have to do the paper works anymore.

So, it is simple; you only need to ask for legal assistance from the sheriff’s office and you should be able to get the records you want so long as your intention is clean. If it is kind of complicated, then you must consult to a lawyer to help you get started with the process. You need to abide the rules and submit to the guidelines imposed by Union County. An online solution is now catered in Union, thus, you only need to connect with the sheriff office staff to aid you in going through a computer-based search.

But with the advancement of modern technology today, the retrieval of Union County arrest records is made hassle-free since paper works are no longer involved. This time, you only need a computer and Internet to be able to conduct the search. Therefore, wherever you may be as long as there is connection to the Internet you will be able to gather information on arrest. You just got to find the right online records service for the data that you need.

Union County Arrest Log

Procedure on how arrest records are obtained in Union County:

  • Drop by at the sheriff’s office for all the incident reports including that of arrest record
  • The Records Department should be able to assist you in pulling up the files you need
  • Payment costs $0.10 per page, for motor vehicle incidents the fee would be $5.00 per report
  • The application form should then be submitted to the Sheriff’s office

Union County Sheriff Arrests

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