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Seminole County Arrest Records

The world today is a drastically different world from the one yesterday. The exponential growth of computers and the internet had ushered in the equally exponential growth of online networks. Nowadays, we feel more akin with the same people of our same age group and social standing in other countries than we are with people from different age group and social standing within our own countries. A lot of arguments could be made for the positive effects of this area of growth, but there are also a lot of arguments that could be made for the negative effects in this area of growth. For one thing, crime is now multi-jurisdictional, with the niche of crime known as cyber crime growing almost as exponentially as online networks. The development of chatting software, in particular, had allowed crime to be committed within our own homes even if the perpetrator is not physically inside our homes. Children are exposed to these types of crimes every day. How sure are parents that their children are not becoming the victims of this new type of crime when all they could check are the names of the people that their children are interacting with online? This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those collection of records kept and maintained by a competent legal authority as a means of providing the public with information relating to the person whom these records refer to, and as a means for a higher legal authority, such as superior courts, to check that the requisite statutory rights of the person to whom the records refer to were followed.

Seminole County Arrest Records



These records are typically available to the general public because of Georgia law. Unless expunged upon request of the person to whom the records refer to, and only for a set of specific and valid circumstances, these records would remain in the archives of a number of county offices and may be obtained by a searcher upon completion of the requisite procedural requirements.

In Seminole County, Georgia, the sheriff office is the first location that a person who desires to obtain arrest records should resort to. To obtain the records, the searcher first has to request for an Open Records Request. The sheriff office processes these request Monday to Fridays, except holidays. There are three ways to submit such a request, first is to submit the request in person, the second is to fax the request to the office, and the third is to send the request via email. It does not matter which of the three methods would be chosen by the person who desires the information, the next step would be to wait for the request to be processed and completed. The Sheriff Office has no timetable for completing such requests, but given the volume of records that must be checked, such a search may take anywhere between three to ten days. Finally, after the search is completed, the searcher must pick up the records at the office personally. It must be noted that the Sheriff Office could not mail the records.

Given the time that it may require in order to conduct the search, perhaps it would be more efficient for the searcher to resort to using online resources. These online resources thrive in the internet, and they are often easy to use. In addition to the fact that most of them are free of charge, these online resources are also instantaneous in their results, or at least, as instantaneous as an internet search could be. Typically, these online resources also provide more information than what is available at the local offices, and such information is not necessarily limited to arrest records.

Seminole County Arrest Log

A person who desires to obtain arrest records from the Sheriff’s Office may follow the following procedure

  • First, send an Open Records Request to the Sheriff Office either by going there personally, through fax, or through an email
  • Wait for the records search to be completed.
  • Upon completion of the search, proceed to the sheriff office to peruse the results of their search. It must be noted that they cannot mail the request.
  • If a copy is desired, inform the records clerk who would make a copy for you upon payment of the requisite fee.

Seminole County Sheriff Arrest

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