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Georgia has remained consistent in upholding it laws and procedures even in the field of legal records. The Georgia arrest records are definitely up-to-date even in documenting the most recent incidents. They aim to meet the expectations of the public and entities that are bound to certain government laws. The arrest reports are absolutely something that gives authentic information regarding someone in the light to know the truth. Thus, as time went by, the state has ruled that it shall be implemented more widely across the state. In other words, the respective counties are now expected to do the documentation and distribution of details to whoever formally requests it.

So, in order to get the search rolling, the requesting party should secure a copy of the Request to Inspect Public Records form. Where to have this form? The main resource for such would be the Sheriff’s Department of Rockdale County. The said department then created another group or branch to take care on legal records. They named it the Records Unit. The Records Unit has a Records Custodian who will personally receive your application. Now you know who to approach to when in need of the Rockdale County arrest records. If you want know more about the subject, you can also request for a copy of the arrest warrant. In this case, you may visit the county clerk of court to obtain such document.

Rockdale County Arrest Records



Take note that requests can only be accomplished via mail or through a walk-in process. The fee technically varies depending on the prerogative of the Records management. Therefore, it is advisable that you call the office concerned to determine how much exactly you would need to prepare before you send in your application to the Records Custodian. But the cost should not be too much as it is basically part of public service, the fee is paid for the effort being done by the office. Aside from the arrest records, you will also get to view the Most Wanted list and the Sex Offender List over the sheriff’s official online repository.

Fortunately, Rockdale has now established a computer-based lookup on their county arrest information. In other words, the manual searching procedure can be displaced with this technologically engineered solution. You just have to show only a few documents like a driver’s license, company ID or something else to prove that you are an eligible applicant to this type of record. Anybody working for the Records Unit should be able to walk you through the steps in using the computer to generate to the reports on arrest documents.

Over time, the acquisition of these important files can be executed at any time provided that you have quick and direct access to the Internet. This becomes doable with an Internet records solution designed to make the job even much easier and faster. The catch is to find a credible and trusted website which caters the kind of service which you exactly need. It comes with a fee but should be completely worth it as you get an all-encompassing result out of it.

Rockdale County Arrest Log

Rockdale County explains how the local arrest records are going to be obtained. The steps include:

  • Visiting the Sheriff’s Department to do Open Records Request
  • Produce and fill out a copy of the Request to Inspect Public Records Form
  • Submit the application to the Records Custodian

Rockdale County Sheriff Arrests

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