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Richmond County Arrest Records

Georgia has the freedom of information act implemented all over its covered counties to ensure that the data on arrest is an open book to the general public. The law states that it shall appoint the Sheriff’s Department to be the primary in-charge in the documentation of the valuable arrest reports. The Department then created a branch which takes care of all the files. They called it the Records Bureau. Back in the days, the reports were obtained on a manual procedure but today, a computerized database has been set in place in order speed up the process in the release of such legitimate reports.

This particular office is mandated to issue copies to law enforcement units, local news media, insurance company and the ordinary people upon formal request. On this note, certain guideline on the retrieval of this type of report must be followed otherwise it shall not be distributed to the requesting party. The Georgia Crime Information Center will also get copies of the arrest with the aim to have a centralized repository of the said report. Also, the FBI will have copies of it as well in compliance with the National Incident Based Reporting System.

Richmond County Arrest Records



The said Bureau does not only keep records on arrest but also maintain other reported incidents such as criminal offense reports, auto accident reports, traffic reports, missing persons and other kinds of documents. This is a perfect venue for the residents and companies to do background checking on individuals. They simply have to keep in touch with the staffs that work for the sheriff’s office and do the necessary steps. If the record is not yours then you have to determine whether or not you have the right to access it. In most cases, you will have to get an authorization letter from the county judge before you can proceed with the lookup. It would be great if you can hire a lawyer to do the whole legal procedure for you.

The request must contain the following details, requestor’s complete name, phone number and return address, specific type of record being applied for including names, dates, times, locations and the case number. Another resource for the arrest reports is the clerk of court’s office which also maintains the same information. In fact, you can also retrieve a copy of the warrant of arrest report as it technically came from the court itself as ordered by the county judge. Other data which you can pull-up from Richmond include the sex offenders list, inmates information, drug related reports and many other things.

The good news is that it can now be acquired online, you just have to ask for technical assistance from the Records Bureau and you will surely get the hang of it and then obtain the records eventually. But the most interesting progress these days is the existence of an Internet-based records solution. This method simply permits anybody to conduct the search at home or anywhere else so long as there is Internet connection. It would be a great choice that one can have this time in the pursuit of these useful arrest documents.

Richmond County Arrest Log

How to obtain a copy of the Richmond County arrest records:

  • Go to the county’s Records Bureau, this office is under the Sheriff’s Department
  • Provide case number and other identifying information
  • Fill out the application form and submit along with the service fee
  • If you have questions you may call over the phone, email or visit the office in person

Richmond County Sheriff Arrests

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