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The relationship between neighbors, like all relationships, is built upon trust. There is a special kind of trust between two neighbors given that they live their lives in close proximity with the others. We often trust our neighbors to look after not only our houses and things when we are away, but also our kids while they are playing in front of our houses and often in the street. When we are in the lowest of lows and when we require assistance, it is often to our neighbors that we go to first. This then begs the question of how much do we really know our neighbors? We could not deny that those who now live near us had, at one point in time, been a stranger, and though there had been a general decrease in the crime rate in the United States over the past few years, there is still that chance. This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those collection of files and other records that provide information regarding the person to whom they pertain to in terms of personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition of a case involving the person to whom they refer to, and, if possible, incarceration records. These records are considered public records and as such, are generally available to the public, subject to some exemptions such as when the offender had requested for his records to be expunged based on valid grounds.

Polk County Arrest Records



At the frontline of law enforcement are the Sheriff’s Offices. In their mandate to protect and serve the people, the Sheriff and his deputies are often called out not only to serve warrants and enforce arrests but also to provide services in trials and hearings. It is not surprising that they have arrest records in their custody and are often the first place that a person would go to when in search of background information.

Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. In connection with this, the Sheriff Office of Polk County, Georgia operates and maintains a website known as inmate search. Linked with the larger online database operated and maintained by the Georgia Crime Information Center, the inmate search database of Polk County has the advantage of being faster due to the fact that it is limited only to records of people who have and are residing within Polk County and the fact that it is free to use.

To use the inmate search database, the searcher needs only a computer with an internet connection. Visit the website and provide the necessary information for the search. It is important to note that the more accurate information that could be given, the more efficient the search would be, though there may still be multiple returns.

Searchers who require more efficiency would be best advised to conduct his or her search using online resources that are not connected with the government owned and operated database. Unlike the government owned and operated sites, these independent sites, and many of them are free to use and easy to locate within the World Wide Web; provide information that is not only limited to arrest records. Often, these sites would provide other information that would be of use to a person who is conducting background checks.

Polk County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain electronic copies of arrest records are the following

  • Visit the Polk County inmate search website
  • Indicate the first letter of the last name of the person being searched for.
  • Indicate whether current or past inmate. If not known, select all
  • Provide search values as indicated by the blank spaces
  • Click ‘Search’
  • It is possible for multiple returns, in such case, the records must be perused one by one in order to locate the records desired.

Polk County Sheriff Arrest

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