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Pierce County Arrest Records

Over the past few years, background checks had become standard whenever a person would want to get another. This now standard business practice arose from the fact that trust should never be given instantly, and for good reason. Much could be said about crimes being committed by those very same people that were given the trust to prevent the same, with inside jobs and persons taking advantage of the trust that was reposed to them increasing. It is not surprising, given the environment that we live on today, that business owners, indeed, even just the normal everyday towns folk, would want to know more about the people to whom they interact with. In the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of records maintained by a competent authority because they are mandated to do so by law and by the express purpose of practicality. Limited not only to personal information but also containing arrest records, final judicial disposition of cases and incarceration records, if any, these records also serve as a means of checks and balances to ensure that the constitutional rights of due process and others are given to the accused. These records are public documents and are generally available to the public unless expunged upon request of the person to whom they refer to for valid specific circumstances.

Pierce County Arrest Records



Although the Georgia Bureau of Investigation operate and maintain an online search database containing all the criminal records in the state, the database could not provide any information if the same had been expunged. For a more thorough search, it may be advisable to go to the sheriff’s office located at Blackshear. As the frontline agency in law enforcement, the sheriff and his deputies have records of outstanding warrants and served warrants as well as personal knowledge of the circumstances of the people involved in the warrants. The records may have been expunged, but the deputies and the sheriff are not likely to forget easily.

An additional source of information would be the county clerk office. This office maintains all docket records of all trials and cases in the county. Although it may take some time t conduct a search here given the relatively high number of cases that would have to be searched, the office could provide the searcher with a copy of the arrest records and all other pertinent records regarding arrests of a person. A copy of such a record is also available from this office but such a copy does not come free. In any case, the agency could not charge a searcher more than twenty dollars for such a copy.

Finally, a more efficient method of search would have to be to search online. The World Wide Web has a number of specialized online databases within its walls. These databases are easier to use and are often free of charge. In addition, they are more efficient because they provide information not limited to arrest records only. Additional information about the subject that the searcher may find to be of further use could also be searched using the same databases. Also, these online databases only require a computer and an internet connection, which means that searches using these databases are near instantaneous, and could be conducted within the comforts of one’s own home.

Pierce County Arrest Log

The procedure on how to obtain arrest records in Pierce County is provided below

  • Head over to the Sheriff Office.
  • Provide the information requested by the deputy.
  • Wait for the search to be completed. In some cases, this might take some time and may require the searcher to come back some other day
  • For copies, pay the fee which should not exceed twenty dollars

Pierce County Sheriff Arrest

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