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We live in an every shrinking world. Every year, distances decrease as technology work their own brand of magic to decrease these distances. It seems that we are now living in a world of instant. Sadly, the same seems to be true when it comes to making friends. No longer do we discriminate about the people whom we would share our trust, in fact, it is no longer even required for many of our youth to meet first before they become friends, one simply has to click a button in a social networking site. A lot of argument could be made for the positive and negative effects that such behavior could have on our children, but at the same time, it must be noted that the internet, by its very nature, is an unsecured environment. We cannot tell just who is who in cyberspace. Given these considerations, it is impossible for parents to truly police their child’s network history, but at the very least, they could minimize the exposure that their children would have. Georgia Arrest Records could have an effect on such exercise.

This is because these arrest records could be used in order to, at the least, shed some light as to the background of the person on the other end of the connection. These records may not be able to provide the entire background of the person, but it should help in giving the searcher a glimpse into the life of the one at the end of the line.
Under the law, these records are considered to be a matter of public record, and because of that, they are generally available to the public, with the exemption given to records that had been validly expunged for cause and at the request of the person to whom the records pertain to.

Paulding County Arrest Records



At the frontline of law enforcement in the Paulding County, the State of Georgia, is the Sheriff Office. In pursuit of their mandate, the sheriff and his deputies are the ones that are often called to enforce warrants and to conduct arrests. It is not surprising that they keep arrest records, and they are mandated by law to make the same available to the public.

The procedure to obtain arrest records from the Paulding County Sheriff Office is relatively simple. The Records Division of the Sheriff Office handles all requests for open records. To obtain records from this division, the searcher has to make a personal request, which means that the searcher has to personally appear before the clerk of the Records Division. The search generally takes between three to five days so the searcher has to return some other day. It must again be stressed that there may be some statutory limitations regarding the release of information regarding arrests.

Given these limitations, it may be more advisable for a searcher to take his or her search to the internet. The World Wide Web has a number of specialized online databases that provide the same information that could be provided to the searcher by the Records Division of the Sheriff Office. Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be made even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. These specialized online databases take advantage of this provision, but at the same time, they provide other information that the searcher may find to be of use. In addition, these online databases are not only free to use, they are also near instantaneous with their results and do not require the searcher to even leave the comforts of their own homes.

Paulding County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain arrest record copies from the Records Division of the Paulding County Sheriff Office is provided below

  • Head over to the Records Division of the Paulding County Sheriff Office.
  • Request for a search of records under the Georgia Open Records Act.
  • Wait for three to five days for the records clerk to finish searching their records.
  • Peruse the information. If a copy is requested, inform the records clerk.
  • The Records clerk would make a copy for you after paying the necessary copying fee

Paulding County Sheriff Arrests

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