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Montgomery County Arrest Records

For people who are dealing with fellow individuals, it is advised to conduct background checks on them if you wanted to have peace of mind being with them. The amount of trust that you give to these folks should be complete when you find out that they have clean records in the past. Perhaps the most critical record that would be needed by anybody is to check on the Georgia arrest records which are updated regularly for the safety of the general public in the County. Montgomery County Arrest Records are available at a variety of sources, but only the sheriff’s office or a local police station could provide a certified copy.

Arrest records are typically a collection of paper reports detailing the personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition information, and custodial information, if incarcerated, of a person. Subject to some exemptions, these records are always available to the public.

Montgomery County Arrest Records



As the frontline agency tasked with law enforcement in Montgomery County, the Sherriff’s Office has records of arrest records for any person living within Montgomery County or had been arrested inside the county. The Sheriff could provide certified copies of arrest records, but at present, they only have one depository and a search there could take some time and effort both on the part of the searcher and the office. It may be more sound to conduct the search using other sources.

Georgia law allows for electronic copies of arrest records to be released even without fingerprint comparison of the person requesting for the information or the consent of the person whose records are being requested. Subject to certain exemptions, these records are available to the public for a minimal fee.

Electronic release of arrest information is handled by the Georgia Crime Information Center. The center maintains an online search database that contains arrest records of persons not limited to Montgomery County. The records in the database include all records within the state of Georgia, but every search in the database costs fifteen dollars. It must be noted that this fee is paid even if the search returns no results. To use the database of the Georgia Crime Information Center, one only needs a computer and internet access. The more information that could be provided by the searcher regarding the records that are being searched for, the faster and more efficient the search would be.

Under Georgia law, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the central repository of all violent sex offenders’ records. In connection with this, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation maintains an online database dedicated to the records of violent sex offenders within the state of Georgia. Although limited in scope to only registered sex offenders, the database maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is free to use and also near instantaneous with their results.

The final, and probably the most practical, option for anyone who wishes to conduct background checks on the local citizens would be to take the search online using specialized online databases.The World Wide Web is bristling with such specialized databases that are easier to use. Typically, these websites require no fees to be paid, are near instantaneous with their results, and are not limited in their information to only arrest records but also to other vital records that may be of interest to the common individuals. As an added advantage, these websites does not require the user to leave the comforts of their own home or to fall in line.

Montgomery County Arrest Log

Places where Montgomery arrest records can be ordered from include the following recognized government agencies:

  • Anyone who conducts a background check on people should coordinate with the Sheriff’s Department for data on the list of names being arrested so far in Montgomery.
  • Others may go to the Clerk of Court since they are tasked to compile all the final decisions of the court in regards to the cases being filed therein
  • The Magistrate Court also takes the role of a recorder, thus, such office also accommodates applications on the retrieval of arrest documents

Montgomery County Sheriff Arrests

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