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Requests for background checks have, over the past few years, increased. This is brought about by the increasing awareness of people that trust is not something that could be easily given. People nowadays want to be sure that the people to whom they are interacting with are the exact people that they say they are, and background checks have become important not only when a person wants to contract marriage with the other but also when a person wants to know what his neighbors past were. This is not surprising considering that most neighbors trust each other to watch only their homes when the owners are in their annual summer trips, but also their children when said children are playing in the yards in front of their homes. This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in as the collection of records that could be of assistance in determining the background of their neighbors and other people, especially when one is just moving into a new neighborhood.

Arrest records are typically the most complete records that a person could obtain. These records contain not only personal information but also arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases involving the person to whom the records pertain to, and, if available, incarceration records. These records are considered public documents and as such, are generally available to the public, unless the records were expunged by the person to whom they pertain to base on valid grounds.

Monroe County Arrest Records



At the forefront of law enforcement in Monroe County, Georgia, is the Sheriff Office. With its headquarters at Forsyth, Georgia, the Sheriff Office is tasked with not only serving warrants and making arrests but also to assist in hearing and trials. It is not surprising that the Sheriff Office operates and maintains an office for the maintenance of arrest records.

To obtain arrest records from the Sheriff Office, the searcher must make the personal request by appearing, in person, before the office of the sheriff and complying with the required procedure.

Another option would be to use the online search database operated and maintained by the sheriff’s office. Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. Pursuant to this, the Monroe County Sheriff Office maintains this database that has the added feature of listing all the known offenders within a specified radius of a street address. To use this database, one needs only to visit the online search database search page and input the details required. Note that the use of this website is free of charge, unlike the state-based online search database operated and maintained by the Georgia Crime Information watch which costs fifteen dollars per search.

Perhaps the more efficient method in conducting background checks, however, would be to take the search online using specialized online databases that are not connected or operated by the government. These specialized online databases are more efficient than their government owned and operated databases because they are mostly free and provide not only information limited in scope to arrest records but other pertinent information that the searcher may find to be of use in his or her checks.

Monroe County Arrest Log

The procedure to use the online database operated by the Monroe County Sheriff Office is provided below

  • Go to the welcome page of the database
  • Input the required information as indicated by the asterisk
  • Click ‘Search’
  • Peruse the information provided by the search.
  • It is possible that there may be multiple returns. In such a case, the searcher may have to look at all the returns in order to locate the information requested.

Monroe County Sheriff Arrest

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