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There are several reasons why a person would want to conduct, or have someone conduct, a background check on another person, but the most oft cited reason behind a background check would always be to learn more about the person to whom the background check refers to. In a world of connections and networks, background checks had become more frequent because people want to know more about the people that they would probably be on a date with, or they would trust to take care of their children or homes while they are away. Indeed, even prospective spouses are known to have someone conduct background checks on their hope-for partners. This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Any collection of information, available to the public or not, could be considered a record. Arrest records are specific in the terms of information that are contained within their dockets. These records lists the personal information of the person to whom the records refer to just like most collection of personal records, but they also contain arrest records, final judicial disposition of cases, and, if the person whom they refer to had been incarcerated, incarceration records. Under Georgia law, these records are considered public records, and as a consequence of that designation, these records are generally available to the public unless validly expunged by request of the person to whom the records pertain to.

Marion County Arrest Records



In connection with this, the first location that a person should use as a resource when on the search for arrest records would have to be the office of the county clerk. The county clerk has records of all arrest warrants issued within the county as well as the records of what happened to the case after, be it criminal or civil in nature. The county clerk could also provide copies of the arrest records, but this is for a minimal fee which should not exceed twenty dollars. It must also be noted that a record, once validly expunged, would no longer be available in the county clerk’s office.

In this regard, it is more efficient to conduct the search in the office of the Sheriff. As the frontline agency in law enforcement in Marion County, the Sheriff and his deputies are often called to enforce arrests and serve warrants. It is not surprising that they have their own records of arrest. Unlike the county clerk’s office, the sheriff and his deputies are often able to provide information about a person even when their records are expunged because they personally know the person being asked for.

For a more efficient search, however, it may be better to conduct the search online using non-government affiliated websites. While it is true that the state of Georgia does maintain an assortment of specialized online databases that a searcher may use, more often than not, these online databases have a fee to use. Non-government affiliated database are often not limited by this aspect of search and, in addition, they are not limited in terms of the information that they could provide. This is because these specialized online databases often provide information that is not limited to only arrest records. These sites do offer other information that the searcher may also use.

Marion County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain arrest records in Marion County is as follows

  • Visit either the county clerk’s office or the sheriff’s office.
  • Provide the records officer with the parameters of the search as well as your valid identification card.
  • Wait for the search to be over. In some cases, this might take some time and might require the searcher to return some other day.
  • Peruse the information.
  • In case a copy is desired, indicate the same to the records officer.
  • Pay the fee which should not exceed twenty dollars to make the copy.

Marion County Sheriff Arrest

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