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The new world is a world of connections and intercontinental friendships. The technological advancements that had occurred over the past few decades had done much to decrease the distances between people and to allow the hypothetical walls that surround every person to be lowered. Nowadays, making friends is as easy as a simple click of a button thanks to social networking sites, while face-to-face conversations had become as easy as one webcam and internet connection. In such an interconnected world, relationships flourish despite great distances, but just as relationships flourish, so do crimes, and in a world of internet connections and webcams, no other niche of crime had flourished far more than those crimes that are referred to as cybercrimes. How sure can parents and guardians be that the children under their care are not lured into such a world? To be sure, nothing could completely secure them, but much could be done to at the least minimize their exposure, and background checks, with the aid of Georgia Arrest Records is just one of many ways to minimize the threat.

These records are collection of papers and information that are grouped and sorted together by a competent legal authority. They provide the public not only a means to conduct background checks but also a means for a higher judicial authority to ensure that the requisite due process and constitutional guarantees are given to suspects. As public documents, they are typically available to the public, unless they had been expunged for cause at the request of the person to whom the records refer to.

Madison County Arrest Records



A physical copy of the records is available with the magistrate court. As the sole authority in Madison County that could issue warrants, the court has records of all warrants that had been issued. These records are available to the public upon request by a searcher and upon payment of a copying fee which should not exceed twenty dollars.

Once an arrest warrant is issued, the same is directed to the authority that would be tasked with enforcing it, and often, that authority is the sheriff. As the frontline agency in law enforcement in Madison County, the sheriff office is tasked with not only enforcing the warrant but also with making arrests. For this reason, the records of the sheriff office is often filled with more details than the basic arrest warrant record at the magistrate court. In addition, because the sheriff and his deputies had made the arrest, it is possible that they may have unofficial records that would be available even if the official records had been expunged. As with the magistrate court, the records of the sheriff office are available to the public upon request and upon payment of a fee.

A more efficient search method would be to conduct the search online. The state of Georgia and Madison County operate a number of specialized online databases that may be of use, but these sites charge their users a minimum fee which makes them unattractive for search. Other specialized online databases do exists and these sites do not charge their users. In addition, these websites provide more details because they are not limited to just arrest records. It is possible that there would be other details that may be of some use to the searcher, and because they are online searches, the results are near instantaneous, and they do not require the searcher to even leave the comforts of their own homes.

Madison County Arrest Log

For those who desire to obtain a copy of arrest records from the magistrate court, simply follow the procedure

  • Head over to the Magistrate Court
  • Inform the on-duty personnel of your request, you should then be directed to the records office.
  • Inform the records clerk of your request and provide the search parameters as well as your personal information.
  • Wait for the search to be finished, in some cases, the search might take days so it is possible that you would be asked to return some other day.
  • Once the search is finished, peruse the information.
  • If you desire a copy, inform the records clerk who would make the necessary copy after payment of a copying fee which should not exceed twenty dollars.

Madison County Sheriff Arrest

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