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For many people, having their own home in a new neighborhood is the culmination of many years of hard work and perseverance. It is also a symbol of a new life, preferably one with his or her own family. Neighborhoods have developed because of this, a hodgepodge of many backgrounds, dreams, desires, and culture, a small melting pot where people who, but a few years before, were complete strangers to each other. Trust develops slowly because with the changing times, it had become more dangerous to just allow a person to enter your home and watch over your kids. This is the reason why, over the past few years, background checks had become quite common. In the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of records kept and maintained by a competent legal authority and the contents of which have something to do with criminal information. Typically, these records contain personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases and incarceration records for those who had been incarcerated. They are maintained not only because they could be a resource in background checks but also as a means to ensure that the requisite due process are maintained.

Lee County Arrest Records



These records are considered public records and as such, they are generally available to the public. The only exemption to this rule is when the records were validly expunged. In the state of Georgia, this is possible, but it must be noted that the records could only be expunged upon request of the person to whom the records pertain to and only for valid and specific circumstances such as when the person to whom the records refer to was found to be innocent of the crime charged. It must be noted that if the person to whom the records refer to had been convicted before, even if he was innocent of the new charge, the records would not be expunged.

At the frontline of law enforcement in Lee County, Georgia is the sheriff office. Under their mandate, the sheriff and his deputies are often called out to conduct arrests and serve warrants. They are also mandated to investigate and to keep tabs on people that are considered dangerous. In this regard, they had built a database that they share with the public. To use this particular database, one needs only to go to their website and to input the necessary information to get the ball rolling. The service is free of charge, near instantaneous with the results, and has the added feature of being able to provide the addresses and records of people with arrest records within a specified radius of a specified address. The disadvantage is because it is conducted by a machine, it is possible that there may be several returns, and in such a case, there is no choice but to look into each and every record until the desired records are located. Under Georgia law, these records may be electronically copied.

A more efficient search method in terms of information provided would have to be to conduct the search using specialized online search databases. These databases are often free to use, also instantaneous with the results, and generally provide more information about the person of interest because their results are not limited to just arrest records. Again, however, it must be noted that there may be multiple returns.

Lee County Arrest Log

The procedure of how to obtain arrest information online from the Lee County Sheriff Office is provided below.

  • Visit the Sheriff Office search page
  • Click ‘search for offender’
  • Input the necessary information
  • Click ‘search’
  • In cases where there are multiple returns, the searcher must peruse all the information till the records desired are located.

Lee County Sheriff Arrest

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