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Johnson County Arrest Records

Johnson County arrest records are updated on a weekly basis, specifically Monday to make sure that the reports are fresh since it will be requested by the people in Georgia, Government agencies and the private entities. As a rule, Georgia states that the legitimate citizens will have the full authority to obtain copies of it for as long as the guidelines and policies on how to obtain such records are adhered to. Such documents serve as an instrument to knowing the truth about someone in the effort to protect yourself, family, relatives, workmates and your business.

The record usually contains the complete name of the offender, the charges, arrest date and location and the arresting agency. As for the sex offenders, the county has developed an online portal where information about the offenders is revealed. It even shows pictures of these sex offenders for quick recognition. Hence, you can do the search at home through the official website of the county’s sheriff’s department. If you are not comfortable doing the search on your computer then you have the option to visit the sheriff’s office and ask somebody to help you through the steps.

Johnson County Arrest Records



Apart from the sheriff’s office you may also drop by at the county’s clerk of court to obtain the same information or visit the other law enforcement agencies to pull up data on arrest. Thus, it is wise that you know what the charge or charges were when somebody got arrested in order for you to find out where to proceed in placing a records request. However, most of these arrest reports should be found in the sheriff’s office. Hence, individuals would go there to retrieve such details for whatever legal purposes they are designed for.

So, you need to have in possession a copy of the records request form. This can be taken from the sheriff’s office itself, make sure that you are getting the sealed and official form so that it will be honored by the receiving Records Department. Note also that the form should be completely filled out because the completeness of the search results will depend on it. On the other hand, the service fee should not go beyond $30.00 per copy. However, to be sure you need to contact the office concerned to know how much exactly you should prepare for the fee.

On the brighter news, the Internet is now very capable of providing information on Johnson County arrest records in just a few clicks. You only have to supply the basic information about the subject and you surely get to grab the data you in no time. The good thing about this latest development is that it can be accomplished at home and everywhere else since it is powered through the Internet. So, you only need to have access to the web for you to be able to complete the search. This is very interesting as residents in Johnson County, Georgia no longer have to perform a background check on someone by visiting the sheriff’s office but by directly browsing the web and look for a trustworthy website which feeds the exact information to people.

Johnson County Arrest Log

Tips to produce a copy of the Johnson County arrest record:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s Department to initiate the search
  • Ask for the request form, fill it out and submit to the same office with a fee that should not exceed to $30.00 per copy
  • An online portal on sex offenders is also available for everyone to see
  • Bookings are also uploaded on the official site of the county

Johnson County Sheriff Arrests

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