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Jefferson County Arrest Records

The process of background checks has made records and the procedure of how to obtain them relevant. Despite the fact that crime rates in the United States had decreased over the past years, it is still a good move to conduct background information on individuals and this is not only limited to those who wish to get them, but even to those who live near them. Background information checking, however, is critical in the field of business given the level of trust that must be exchanged among those who work together to keep the business going. Georgia Arrest Records come into play at this point because usually, these records are the most complete records for background information.

Arrest records contain information that is not limited to simple personal information. These records contain arrest information, the final judicial disposition of the case of a person to whom the records pertain to, and, if the person had been incarcerated before or is currently incarcerated, the incarceration records. Under the law, these records are considered as public records, and as such, subject to specific exemptions, they are available to the public.

Jefferson County Arrest Records



At the forefront of law enforcement in Jefferson County is the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. This office has the duty of not only enforcing the law but also to deliver summons and to provide assistance in court trials. As a result of this, the sheriff’s office has records of arrest and warrants that are available to the public. It must be taken into consideration, however, that because the department is the only department that could give certified copies of such records, a search here may take some time to complete.

A more efficient method would be to take the search online, and in this regard, the searcher has two options. The first option would be to rely on government operated websites. Under Georgia Law, electronic copies of arrest records may be released even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to.

In this regard, the first of the two online databases operated by the state of Georgia is the Georgia Felon Search database. Operated by the Georgia Crime Information Center, this database contains records of every felon in the state of Georgia. It must be noted that the use of this database is not free, it costs fifteen dollars per search, and this is true even if the search yields no results.

The second online database operated by the state of Georgia is the Georgia Sex Offenders Registry. Operated and maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, this database is connected to the function of the bureau as the central repository of all sex offenses in the state. Although similar to the one operated by the Crime Information Center in some regards, this database is different in two major ways. The first is that it is limited in scope as it contains only information regarding sex offenders, and the second is that it is free to use.

In taking the search online, the second option available to a searcher would be to rely on an online search database that is not operated by the government. Like the government operated websites, these online databases also do not require the searcher to leave the comforts of their own homes or to fall in line. Unlike the government operated databases, however, these specialized online databases are mostly free to use and provide information not limited to arrest records. Other vital information and records may also be obtained from these websites.

Jefferson County Arrest Log

Jefferson has formed the necessary divisions which will compile the necessary documents on the arrests being made in the County. These divisions include the following:

  • Jefferson is composed of the following divisions which monitor the reports on arrests and criminal records. They include the Criminal Division, Corrections Division and the Civil Division
  • Requesting parties may request for a copy of the crime report which summarizes the whole violation incident. This can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Department
  • Anybody can also dig into the county’s jail information for the people to know about the programs initiated by the jail management

Jefferson County Sheriff Arrests

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