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Jackson County Arrest Records

The sheriff’s office in Jackson is composed of different divisions which have their respective duties and responsibilities aiming to have a better and safer local community. These divisions include the Uniform Patrol, Court and Civil, Jail, Special Operations and the Criminal Investigation Divisions. It began with the Georgia arrest records being maintained at the state’s centralized records database. With the increase volume of searches within the state, authorities have decided to instruct each local government to have their own recordings on arrest reports. Thus, there came the Jackson County arrest records which can now be obtained via mail, in person or by sending a facsimile.

The county sheriff’s office accepts requests from Monday to Friday at 8AM to 5PM. If you are a resident in Jackson you are not obliged to pay the requested record for the first copy. You are only asked to pay if you are going to request two or more copies which are equivalent to 10 cents per page. For the non-residents, requestors should pay $5.00 per copy. Note that the results of these searches can be accomplished in three business days as per provision of the law. To know more of the guidelines and requirements in the pursuit of these records, you should be able visit or call the office in order to directly solicit legal information from them.

Jackson County Arrest Records



The good news for the Jackson residents is that they now have two options as to how they are going to retrieve the arrest documents these days. First is through the manual procedure and second is through an electronically engineered process. So, if you are to go through the manual way you have three options to do that. You may send your application by mail, walk-in records request or do facsimile request. If you send it by mail you need to have your application notarized so that it will be accepted by the sheriff’s records review team. The process is similar too for doing facsimile. If you are dropping by the office in person, you only have to fill out a request form and submit back to office with the corresponding fee.

The electronically controlled procedure on the other hand talks about computers and the Internet where the arrest documents are uploaded and can be downloaded in due time. Jackson County has made this tool available as well for some reason. With this new approach, people no longer have to go through the stack of paper files, no more paper requirements and the like for it is channeled through the web and can be pulled up in just a few minutes. If you do not know how to do it online you can always ask help from someone in the sheriff’s office to guide your through the whole process.

With the latest development in technology, these Jackson county arrest records are within reach anytime and anywhere. You only need to hunt for a private web-based records provider to do the search for you. What you do is just supply the basic details about the subject and in no time you get to generate the results you want in a few clicks. The choice is completely yours whether you get assistance from this online records resource or visit the sheriff’s office to request the records you want.

Jackson County Arrest Log

Records on arrests in Jackson can be obtained by following the steps below:

  • Ask for the records request form and write a letter addressed to the Sheriff’s office
  • Make your letter very specific, state what type of record you want
  • Fee will be 10 cents per page
  • Results are available in 3 days’ time since receipt of the application

Jack County Sheriff Arrests

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