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Harris County Arrest Records

Residents in Harris, Georgia now have direct and much easier opportunity to obtain copies of Harris County arrest records unlike before when they had to travel all the way to the state’s central records’ repository. Government officials have shifted to this strategy with the aim to serve the people better in terms of legal information. In other words, anybody can make a request of these county-based records aside from the Georgia arrest records that are compiled at the state level. Individuals must always bear in mind that such an action to obtain the records is constitutional in Georgia.

There are two main offices where you can begin looking and digging for details on arrest. They are the county courthouse and the county sheriff’s office. So, the first thing you do is to find out the locations of these two recognized agencies. You might want to visit the court’s office first as it is where the cases are filed and being decided. Thus, the data that you will get are for sure authentic as they have gone through the hands of the magistrates. The clerk of court then receives and compiles all the court reports for everyone’s consumption. On another note, you will get to come across the county clerk’s office where court dockets are kept.

Harris County Arrest Records



However, not everybody will have the chance to do the request because there are guidelines being imposed for the people to adhere with. One example would be that you must be a registered citizen in Georgia, if not then it is very unlikely that you are going to acquire such arrest information. For more details on the requirements to obtain a copy of the record, check out the county’s official website or visit the agency in person. The office staffs are paid to accommodate you in whatever capacity they have.

The County Sheriff Department on the other hand is responsible in serving and recording of the arrest warrants and at the same time preparing the documents of the accused which will be presented to court later on. The Department does not upload such details online for people to see, however, they have routed such service to the Warrants Division. Hence, individuals looking for arrest warrants must drop by at such Division and make a formal request of the said documents. You can never be so complacent about your safety in Harris as there were about 5,500 crimes recorded between 1999 and 2008. Therefore, you better be vigilant at all times to protect your family from the unexpected incidents.

At present time, the dissemination of important legal information has been made much more available with the aid of the Internet. This is the time when data are obtained online at the most convenient place where you want it accomplished. Your crucial job would be just to find the right and legitimate online records resource, making sure that it is authentic and can be leveraged in whatever purposes more especially in court proceedings. So, it is all up to you if you would like to venture into this modern approach of searching or still prefer the traditional process which is the manual way.

Harris County Arrest Log

Databases on arrest in Harris can be accessed by doing the following steps:

  • Download the records request form which you can find on the county’s official website
  • Mail the completed form to the Harris County Sheriff’s office
  • Or send it through fax with your contact information and the particular type of record that you are requesting
  • Details which you need to provide include the report number, address of the incident, names of people involved, date of incident and the personal particulars of people involved

Harris County Sheriff Arrests

There are other legal references where you can get trusted information from through the following sources:

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