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Gwinnett County Arrest Records

Gwinneth arrest records are valuable in the pursuit of peace and protection among its local residents. Hence, everyone is entitled to place a request on the said request provided that it is necessary and is warranted to be leveraged for the right reasons. These records are obtained through the same rules and policies as those with Georgia Arrest Records. Individuals must not feel reluctant in doing the search since it is mandated by law to make such records available for whatever legitimate purposes.

These records contain personal information including name, birth and other specifics, arrest records for those who had been arrested before, final disposition of cases against the person, and incarceration records if present. These records are often available from a number of sources including local police and sheriff offices.

Gwinnett County Arrest Records



One searching for arrest records would be well advised to try the sheriff offices first. As the primary agency tasked with enforcing the law in Gwinnet County, Georgia, the Gwinnet County Sheriff is responsible for apprehending suspects and for serving warrants in addition to securing court services and other legal procedures. The sheriff office, headquartered at Lawreneville, is also the only government office that could provide certified copies of arrest records, but because of the nature of the work of the office, such a search there would take quite some time and a personal request from the searcher who has to go there.

It would be more practicable to take the search online and in this case, there are three options. The first option would be to use the online criminal search database offered by the Georgia Crime Information Center. Under Georgia Law, it is possible for the center to release electronic copies of a person’s arrest records even without the consent of the person whose records are being searched for. To use this option, one need only to go to the website operated by the center and use the search database. It must be noted, however, that while the results of searches in this option would be instantaneous, the fee for using the database is fifteen dollars per search, and this is true even if the search returns no results.

A second option would be to use the database of the Georgia Investigative Bureau. While instantaneous as well, this database is limited in scope to only sex offenders as under Georgia law, the Georgia Investigative Bureau is the repository of all sex offender records only. Unlike the first option, the use of the database operated by the Bureau is free, but again, it is limited in scope.

A third, and probably more practicable, option would be to take the search online using specialized online databases. The World Wide Web is full of such databases that offer the searcher not only arrest records but also other vital information. These databases are easy to use and locate, in addition to the fact that most of them are free to use. As an online resource, most of these databases are instantaneous in their results. The use of these databases also affords the searcher the luxury of not having to leave the comforts of their own homes to do the search and not having to fall in long lines.

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Prior to visiting the Sheriff’s office or any of the county law enforcement agencies, it would be best to know the following requirements when requesting for a copy of an arrest report:

  • Find out if you are eligible to make a request on this type of record. Georgia laws should be able to answer you such question. One particular law states that you must be a registered citizen in Georgia, otherwise, your request will be rejected. Thus, know the guidelines when making a request
  • Visit the Sheriff’s office for direction on how to go about doing the application for arrest files
  • Ask for the records request form, fill it out and forward to Gwinnet County Sheriff’s Department along with the corresponding admin fee

Gwinnett County Sherriff Arrests

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