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For many people, the prospect of owning their own house in their own neighborhood is an exciting proposition that is, nevertheless, tainted with the slightest amount of trepidation. Many things run in the mind of a person who is moving houses. He or she wonders if the neighborhood that he or she is moving to would be a welcoming place, whether or not his or her neighbors would be the friendly sort or not, and whether or not the neighborhood would be a safe location. These are just a few of the things that a person worries about when they change their address. Although most of these would be answered only be experience, nevertheless, it is a good advice for a prospective mover to know everything that he or she could about the neighborhood. This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

These arrest records, although mostly used to keep track of people who had been arrested, are nevertheless invaluable tools. These records contain not only personal information but also arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases and, if available and existing, incarceration records of a person to whom the records refer to. Classified as public documents and under the purview of several Georgia laws, these records are generally available to the public unless validly expunged upon the request of the person to whom they refer to based on specific valid grounds.

Fulton County Arrest Records



At the forefront of law enforcement in Fulton County, Georgia is the Sheriff’s Office. Pursuant to their mandate, the Sheriff and his deputies are often called not only to enforce arrests and serve warrants but also to provide assistance to courts and to serve as jailers. It is not surprising that they have records of arrests that are available for the perusal of the general public.

Georgia law has allowed electronic copies of arrest records to be obtained by a searcher even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. Pursuant to this law, the Fulton County Sheriff Office operates and maintains an online search database that is connected with a database that shows all registered offenders within a specified radius of a specified address. To use this service, one needs only to visit the search page of the database and supply the necessary information. It must be noted that unlike the state-based offender search database, the use of this database is free to use. It is important to note as well that it is possible for multiple returns, and in such a case, there is no other option but to peruse each and every return until the information being sought for is found.

For searchers who require more efficiency, however, and do not want to be limited only to arrest records of a person, they would be well advised to use the search databases of other websites that are not connected with the government. These specialized online search databases are more efficient in terms of their limitations because unlike the government owned and operated sites, these databases provide information limited to not only arrest records but other information that may be of assistance to the searcher.

Fulton County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain an electronic copy and to search for offenders within a specific radius of a specific address is provided below

  • Visit the welcome page of the Fulton County offender search page
  • Input the required information
  • Click ‘Search’
  • In case of multiple returns, peruse the information until the requested for information is found

Fulton County Sheriff Arrest

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