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Over the past few years, conducting background checks had became a standard and sound practice for people. Background checking is a must to improve and maintain the security of the business and other entities that are composed of individuals working together. Background checks are also conducted by prospective wives or husbands, or at least, their families do it, to be sure of the background of their future spouses. Indeed, even neighbors do background checks on their newly moved in neighbors, or newly moved in people conduct background checks on their neighbors. These background checks are conducted to insure the safety of their families and their interests. In the state of Georgia, this is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of records kept and maintained by a competent authority not only because they are mandated to do so by court but also for other practical purposes such as for background checks and as a means to check that the statutory requirements of the law in criminal cases are met. Arrest records contain personal information, arrest information, final judicial disposition of cases, and, if such exists, incarceration records. These records are considered as public documents and are generally available to the public unless the same were expunged by request of the person to whom the records pertain to for valid specific reasons.

Franklin County Arrest Records



The first source that a person may go to in order to obtain arrest records would be the sheriff’s office. The office is at the frontline of law enforcement in Franklin County and in their pursuit of their mandate, the sheriff and his deputies are often called to serve warrants, enforce arrests, and to serve in trials and hearings. They are also the first agency to respond in a criminal act and provide the magistrate courts with the necessary information in order for the courts to issue warrants which they serve. In cases of records that had been expunged, the members of the office also have personal knowledge of the circumstances of most people in the county.

The next source of records would be the county clerk’s office. All records are usually maintained by the county clerk, and in their pursuit of this mandate, they also keep and maintain arrest records for the public. Again, it bears stressing that if the records had been validly expunged, there would be no arrest records available in the county clerk’s office. In such a case the only records would be unofficial records from the deputies and the sheriff. In case there is a record, the same could be copied to provide the searcher with his own set of copies but such copy service would not be free, though the costs should not exceed twenty dollars.

A more efficient search method would be to conduct the search online using specialized online databases. The World Wide Web has a number of free to use, easy to learn and find databases that are more efficient in terms of the information that they provide. While in no way official, these online databases provide the searcher with information not limited to arrest records but also contains other information that the searcher may find to be of use. In addition, because they are online search, the results of the search are near instantaneous and do not require the searcher to leave the comforts of their home to conduct.

Franklin County Arrest Log

The procedure to obtain arrest records from the office of the county clerk is provided below.

  • Head over to the office of the county clerk
  • Provide the necessary information
  • Wait for the search to be over. In some cases, this might take some time and may require the searcher to return some other day
  • Peruse the information
  • For copies to be made, indicate the request to the county clerk and pay the fee which should not exceed twenty dollars.

Franklin County Sheriff Arrest

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