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Fayette County Arrest Records

Fayette County arrest records are compiled and updated by the Records Section under the Support Services Division of the County. Its main duty is to make sure that the arrest booking reports are accurate and can be leveraged in whatever legal purposes they may serve. They immediately upload booking reports into the computer system for the use of the citizens, prosecutors, courts and local businesses. In general, they ensure that such legal information is provided to people for whatever legal purposes.

The same information is also disseminated to the media and various agencies for transparency reason. Also, the documentation and distribution of Georgia arrest records are adhered to in compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act. Residents in Fayette may do the actual request by sending it through facsimile, in person, or by postal mail depending on which is more viable on them. It should be addressed to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office with the subject Open Records Request. The office then will receive it and will let you know of the result in a few days upon receipt of the application.

Fayette County Arrest Records



As a requesting party, you must be aware enough of the rules and procedure that you will be going through. If not, then you might just be wasting your time doing things that are not right. In order to be well-oriented with the entire process, one must go to the sheriff’s office, anybody working for the office will entertain your queries as to what you should do to get the information you need. Never ask from anybody outside the said law enforcement agency. You must direct your questions to the authorized personnel who is working under the sheriff’s jurisdiction.

The records retrieval procedure is simple. You pay a visit to the office concerned and secure a copy of the records request form. It contains the details about the arrested individual and the basic information about the requestor. After which, you present some personal documents to prove that you are a legitimate citizen in Fayette, Georgia. It is important that you are a legal resident in the county. Otherwise, the office will not honor your request.

Nowadays, the sheriff’s office is capable of delivering arrest details through an electronic service. This means that people can now use the Internet, browse the sheriff’s official website and look for valuable facts regarding booking reports.

The Internet has indeed made the search of arrest reports very convenient to perform since you only have to make a few clicks and in no time you get the results you desired to have. The only challenging part would be to find the right and trustworthy site which will truly provide you that data you want. This online alternative has so much advantage in the sense that searches can be executed just anywhere you feel secured since all you need is access to the Internet. Fayette residents should have time to do the check on their own this time because the data are now very accessible at any time.

Fayette County Arrest Log

Arrest records in Fayette can be ordered by following these steps:

  • Visit the sheriff’s office and inquire of the procedure to get started with the search
  • The Records Section has been tasked to do the actual documentation and release of arrest reports
  • Requestors must fill out the form provided by the Records Section and submit to the same office when completed
  • Results should be available in less than a week

Fayette County Sheriff Arrests

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