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Although in the past few years, the crime rate in the United States had gone down, one could not deny that crime is still happening. Perpetrators are often those who have had records before and some have actually served time and had already been released. There are a few who have managed to evade capture by law enforcement authorities. It is not often easy to spot perpetrators because while there might be those who give off an image of penchant for violence and a life of crime, there are also those who give off an image of respectfulness and even outright goodness. Often, these criminals in white collars are some of the most violent and vicious perpetrators. How does one ensure that new friends and new neighbors are not those whom they had been taught to avoid? For those who reside in the state of Georgia, This is where Georgia Arrest Records come in.

Arrest records are those set of records maintained by law enforcement agencies pursuant to law. These records are tabs that the law enforcement agencies use in order to facilitate their mandate to protect and serve the people. These public records are relatively easy to obtain for the public given their public nature and contain not only personal information but also arrest information, final disposition of judicial cases and incarceration records, if the person to whom the records pertain to had been arrested before.

Douglas County Arrest Records



In Douglas County, Georgia, the primary law enforcement agency tasked with frontline law enforcement is the Sheriff’s Office. Pursuant to their mandate, the sheriff and his deputies are not only called to enforce the law but also to provide service to the people. It is in connection with this mandate that the Office of the Sheriff provides background checks for both residents and non residents of Douglas County.

The procedure for Douglas County Sheriff Office to conduct a background check is simple and less time-consuming. This is because a person who desires to conduct a background check has to personally appear at the Douglas County Sheriff Office Records Division. A person who wishes to conduct a background check would have to provide an identification card with pictures. It must be noted that a Social Security Card is not acceptable for this procedure. The searcher also has to leave his personal information on file with the office, and finally, as a final requirement, the searcher has to pay for the search. The rate for residents and nonresidents of Douglas County are the same at twenty dollars.

The nature of the search at the records office, however, would be slow given the fact that it would be a physical search. Under Georgia law, it is possible for electronic copies of arrest records to be obtained even without the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to, but the use of this service is at the state level and could be quite costly at fifteen dollars per search.

Perhaps the more efficient method to search for background information would be to take the search online using specialized online databases that have nothing to do with the government. These specialized online search databases are often more efficient than their government operated counterparts because they are often free and they provide information not limited to only arrest records.

Douglas County Arrest Log

The following steps have to be followed to obtain a copy of arrest records in Douglas County
Online search

  • Go to the Douglas County inmate search website
  • Input the required information
  • Click ‘Search’
  • It is possible for multiple returns. In such a case, the searcher must peruse all returns in order to find the information required.

Sheriff Office Records Division

  • Go to the Douglas County Sheriff Office Records Division
  • Present a valid identification card that is not a Social Security Card
  • Provide the necessary information for background check
  • Pay the resident/non-resident fee of twenty dollars

Douglas County Sheriff Arrest

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