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Dade County Arrest Records

The State of Georgia has authorized the sheriff’s office to be the core place to go to when requesting for the Georgia arrest records. On this note, Dade County arrest records have been maintained later on by local officials, specifically those connected with the sheriff’s department to ensure that transparency is provided by the county government. Generally, the sheriff’s vision is to protect the people from any harmful incident. They actually made the residents become part in the job of eliminating crimes in the community by letting them do private investigatory search on suspicious individuals in the society.

Sheriff Department is actually divided into divisions to better serve the public in their need for security and peace. These divisions include the patrol, detectives, corrections, court services, drug task force and records. The Records Division is the place where the public can go to request for the arrest reports of individuals in Dade, Georgia. First and foremost, it is written by law that people should have the right to unveil the documents on arrest for a variety of legitimate reasons. However, requestors must see to it that their reasons for retrieving copies of arrest are valid enough. Otherwise, it shall not be processed.

Dade County Arrest Records



The Records Custodian is only given three days since the receipt of request to hand over the results of the search to the requesting party. Requests should be placed on weekdays only between 8:00AM to 5:00PM. If you are still too far from the local records office you may mail in your request to Dade County Sheriff’s Office as per provision stated under the Georgia Open Records Act. The appointed custodian can anytime address your request for the arrest information more especially if the need is very urgent. You just need to have all the documents like your personal identification files which show that you are a legitimate citizen in Dade and that you are eligible to do the request.

In regards to payments and all the requirements, you can either call the office concerned or visit the sheriff’s office in person to get the answers you want. Note that fees could change depending on the decision of management. Thus, it is wise that you inquire beforehand so you can prepare the exact amount for the admin fee. Also, Dade has explored the development of websites where they can upload relevant information for the protection of everybody. One of these webpages is the Sex Offender Registry being made available to people via online. This means that residents may now do the search on the names of sex offenders by visiting the county’s official webpage.

Speaking about websites, the Internet is more than capable of providing the same amount of data on arrest these days. You only have to pick a reliable online records service, pay for the service fee and download the information in no time. This is way too convenient since it can be accomplished at home or anywhere else you feel most comfortable doing at. So, it is all up to you whether you do the search manually or do the modern way using the World Wide Web.

Dade County Arrest Log

Facts about the Records Division in Dade County:

  • It is handled by the Records Custodian who upholds the Georgia Open Records Act
  • Custodian releases search results in 3 days upon receipt of the request
  • Application should be forwarded to Dade County Sheriff’s Office, Open Records Request
  • Fees vary, for exact amount of charges you may call the office concerned

Dade County Sheriff Arrests

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