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Trust is an important element in the relationship among the local residents in Cook County. Without this trust, implied or otherwise, there could be no relationship between the two. Individuals in the community need affirmation that they are safe at all time in the community where they are registered. Over the past few years, the crime rate in the United States had gone down, but this does not mean that conducting background checks is no longer an option. Georgia Arrest Records are probably the first source that anybody can turn to when conducting background checks on anyone in Georgia.

Arrest records contain information about the person to whom the records pertain to. This information is not limited to personal information. These records also contain arrest information, the information on the final judicial disposition of cases involving the person to whom the records pertain to, and incarceration records, if they exist. Under the law, these records, unless expunged for valid causes, are available to the public.

Cook County Arrest Records



There are three ways to obtain the arrest records of a person. The first is to conduct a search in the records of the Sheriff’s Office. As the frontline of law enforcement in Cook County, the Sheriff’s Office has the duty of enforcing the law. These duties frequently require the members of the office to serve warrants and keep records. These records are usually available to the public, but even if this is the only office that could provide certified copies of arrest records, a search using this particular option may be inefficient. The records in the sheriff’s office pertain only to people who live in Cook County in addition to the fact that it might take them some time to locate the records that is being asked for because of the sheer volume of records that must be searched.

A more efficient method would be to take the search online using government sponsored online databases. There are two databases that a searcher may use in searching for arrest records. These are the Georgia Felon Search database operated by the Georgia Crime Information Center, and the Georgia Sex Offenders Registry database operated by the Georgia Investigative Bureau.

Under Georgia law, electronic information of arrest records may be released without requiring the consent of the person to whom the records pertain to. Pursuant to this, the Georgia Crime Information Center’s Georgia Felon Search database was created. The records in this database encompass people from all over the state. It must be noted that the use of this service would cost fifteen dollars per search, and this is true even if the search has returned no results.

The Georgia Sex Offenders Registry is operated pursuant to the duty of the Georgia Investigative Bureau as repository of all sex offenders records. This database is similar to the felon search with two major differences. The first is that this database is limited in scope as it contains only information regarding sex offenders and the use of the website is free.

The most efficient option to obtain arrest records would have to be to take the search online using other sources. The World Wide Web is full of specialized online databases that are relatively easy to use and almost always free. In addition, these websites contain, and provide, information not limited to just arrest records. Other vital records of a person may be provided by these websites.

Cook County Arrest Log

Cook County arrest records can be generated by doing the following things:

  • Pay a visit to Cook Sheriff’s Office to ask for the step-by-step process to do the records request
  • Determine the specific type pf record which you wanted to pull-up, then fill out the application form, make sure that you obtain the standard and official request form
  • Searches in Cook county should be easy for as long as you adhere to the laws and procedures that go along with the entire records retrieval steps

Cook County Sheriff Arrests

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