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Although the crime rate in the United States had gone down over the past few years, it is still a good move to get to know individuals. There online tools which you can actually ake use of in the quest to obtain information on Cobb arrest records. These tests admit no self-serving statements on the local registered residents. Indeed, most background checks are conducted discreetly, and not with the knowledge of the person whom the check is directed at. Indeed, most background checks are conducted in relative secret, and not with the knowledge of the person whom the check is directed against. The Georgia Arrest Records are obtainable at any time during business hours as described by law.

Arrest records are considered public documents and as such, they are available for the perusal of the public, subject to certain specific exemptions such as when the case was found to be without merit and dismissed. Arrest records are often the most complete collection of records of a person for they admit not only personal information but also arrest information, final disposition of any criminal cases directed against the person to whom the records refer to, and incarceration records if the person had been incarcerated.

Cobb County Arrest Records




Cobb county arrest records are available from a variety of sources, foremost of which are the actual records in the custody of the Sheriff of Cobb County. As the frontline agency in the implementation of law in the county, the sheriff and his deputies are often called out not only to make arrests but also to provide services in trials. As a result of this, their records are some of the most complete in the county.

Under Georgia law, electronic copies of arrest records may be obtained from the Georgia Crime Information Center. This database encompasses all arrest records in the state of Georgia, but Cobb County operates its own database that, while limited only to records of persons arrested in the county, nevertheless, has the distinct advantage of being free to use, unlike the specialized online database of the Crime Information Center that costs the user fifteen dollars per use.

To use the Cobb County database, one needs only to visit the website of the sheriff’s office where a link to the database is located. Once at the database, the searcher only needs to input the name of the person whom the searcher wishes to search the records for. Although it may be a little slow, the process is free to use.

The same is true for sex offenders. Although under Georgia law, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the central repository of all sex offenders’ records, the Cobb County Sheriff Office operates and maintains a sex offender’s registry database. Although limited only to records of person who reside in Cobb County, this database has the same advantage of being free and the disadvantage of being limited in scope as the database operated and maintained by the Bureau of Investigation.

As with the Cobb County offenders database, to use the sex offenders registry database of the county, the searcher only needed to input the name of the person whose records are being searched for. This process is also free but may be a little slow. In addition, this database has the added feature of showing the registered location of all sex offenders within a specified radius from an address that the searcher could input.

Probably the most efficient method of searching for arrest records, however, would be to take the search to the World Wide Web using websites that are not linked to government databases. There is almost no difference in the data that these specialized online databases could provide than those given by government operated and maintained websites. On the contrary, the independent databases are often more informative as the information that they provide are frequently not only limited to arrest records but also other vital records.

Cobb County Arrest Log

The following procedure may be followed in order to secure copies of arrest records of a person

  • Visit the search page of either the inmate inquiry database or the offender search database search page.
  • Input the necessary information in the space or spaces provided.
  • Click search.
  • It is possible for the database to have multiple returns. The searcher would have to evaluate all the returns until the records being asked for are found.

Cobb County Sheriff Arrests

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