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Chatham has a very strong history in terms of legal records documentation within the law enforcement agencies in the county. Georgia arrest records seemed to have branched out to the local level where the residents can directly access the reports. This is done in order to provide the local citizens the opportunity to do the request of the report without traveling all the way to the state’s main records’ office. Thus, it should be easy now for the people to unveil the type of information because it is brought much closer to them.

To be able to obtain a copy of the Chatham county arrest records, one must seek a copy of a records request form. You will have to input all the basic information about the arrested person as well as your details as the one requesting for the report. The arrest record simply comprises the following details: name of the person being arrested, birth date, race, arrest date, arrest number, arresting agency, charges and bond if it applies. All these are disclosed for as long as it is legally and formally requested upon with proper authority. You must need to show some proofs that you are an eligible requestor of the record. Otherwise, your request will be rejected.


Chatham County Arrest Records



With the advancement of modern technology, Chatham has tapped the services of some website experts to design an online repository for it. This online portal will serve as a tool for the people to visit when in need for information regarding sexual offenders. This is such a very sensitive social issue nowadays, that’s why parents are too protective on their children, making sure that they are out of touch from these noted sex offenders. So, the county has made sure that all the registered offenders will appear on the site for the knowledge of the residents in Chatham.

The County’s clerk of court is also tasked to do the same job. So, if you are much closer to the court’s office then you can absolutely start from there. But, as mentioned earlier, online searches can this time be done even at home. As a matter of fact, the county has launched its Court Case Search System. It is an online portal where you only need to supply the basic information like the name and the case number. It can be executed very fast and you will be able to get the results in no time because the information is delivered digitally.

These days, searching for arrest reports can be a walk-in-the-park since all of them are now uploaded on a website and can be downloaded at any time. You only have to pay an affordable cost for the data to be retrieved. It is absolutely handy in the sense that it can be accomplished at home in your most convenient time. You can even do it anywhere because it is accessed on the web. Hence, you only need an Internet connection to be able to do the check on someone’s background.

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