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Georgia arrest records are well organized and at later time the state government has ordered the respective counties to create local-based repositories on arrest reports for the benefit of the local residents. Hence, Carroll County arrest records library was born to cater the need of the public for legal data for whatever purposes. But usually, these files are requested for background checking reason since the report contains the personal particulars of the arrested person and the primary grounds of the arrest.

The Open Records Act becomes an instrument for the locals to perform the request on arrest documents. In other words, it serves as their key to exercise their rights for public information. However, requesting parties must respect the ruling of the court or the sheriff’s office on matters that are not allowed to be divulged for public viewing. These are highly confidential data of which the government alone has authority to access. So, if you are in dire need for arrest reports, you must contact or visit the sheriff’s department immediately or approach the county clerk of court for apply for the said information.

Carroll County Arrest Records



The details commonly stipulated on the arrest report include the name of the offender, address, arrest date, days in jail, bond if one is set, charges and the arresting agency. This can even be pulled up on the sheriff’s official website. Before, it used to include the photos of these arrested individuals but was later prohibited by law for some technical reason. But, it can still be retrieved by requesting it in person. It can be done by making a formal letter of request, state your valid reason for obtaining a copy of it and submit to the office of the sheriff. Additionally, you will be asked to present any government-issued ID like your driver’s license, military and others as necessary.

Not only are they doing the manual retrieval of records approach but have also incorporated the online method of accessing reports on arrest cases. Note though that not all arrest cases in Carroll resulted to incarceration, the same is true with the other states and counties. It has to go through due process before one is convicted to a crime. The procedure is simple, you just have to secure a copy of the records request form, fill it out and submit to the office concerned with the corresponding admin fee. Speaking about online upload of legal information, Carroll County has established an online sex offender watch. So, individuals just have to access it and find out the names of the sex offenders in Carroll.

However today, searches have been upgraded into something that can be accomplished at home. An online arrest reports solution is born to provide the people with instant access to Carroll arrest files. This modern service brings great convince to anybody more especially to those who live far from the records repository. It is a tool where you only have to pay for a reasonable fee in return for the information which you can acquire in just a few clicks. It is very private and thus very safe for you to do since you can do it on your own at home or wherever you would like it to do.

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So, what do you do to obtain a copy of an arrest report?

  • Go to the sheriff’s office to ask for the requirements
  • Details divulged include name of the offender, arrest date, days in jail, charges etc.
  • Photos can only be released when there is an approved affidavit attached with the request
  • An inmate information can be viewed through the sheriff’s main website

Carroll County Sheriff Arrests

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