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Bibb County Arrest Records

The local government of Bibb County in Georgia is not only prepared of the present but more importantly of the future as they are meticulous in documenting all the Bibb County arrest records. As a matter of fact, the County Sheriff’s Department has spearheaded the compilation of these records to be more transparent to the people in Bibb. They have created four divisions to properly categorize the cases being filed before the local law enforcement unit. These include the Corrections Division, Detention Division, Investigation Division and the Patrol Division.

At the moment, the county has housed a total of 966 detainees with ages 17 and above, comprising both male and female prisoners. Any requests of information regarding these inmates shall be pre-approved by the Division Commander as standard procedure. The Detention Division on the other hand is also termed as the Work Release and Community Service Center of which purpose is to allow the detainees to have jobs in the private sector to be able to support their families and pay their off fines and restitutions as ordered by the courts.

Bibb County Arrest Records


On another note, the Investigation Division is split into three units including the Criminal Investigation Unit, Drug and Vice Unit and the Forensic Unit. These respective units do fulfill their individual as per the duties and responsibilities given to them by law. Then, they document all cases which they handled and stored in a records repository for future references. So, if the person you are trying to investigate with has problems with drugs, thefts, murders, assaults and etc. then you should see these formed offices for legal information assistance.
The Patrol Division finally is where the front authorities are stationed just everywhere in Bibb County with the objective to spot or detect potential crimes and address them immediately. They are the first to do an arrest to anybody who is found violating any of the county ordinances. There are two teams which composed this Patrol Division. They are the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Fatal Accident Investigation Team and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons, Assaults and Tactics Team.

These are the places where arrest records could be retrieved. So, by the time you wanted these files pulled-up, just go to any of these local law enforcement agencies for your records needs. It is better to be always defensive than being defenseless in times of trouble. Hence, you go to the right office concerned to ask for the requirements and procedures on how to go about doing the search. There will be forms that you will have to fill out completely and a fee which varies depending on how much details you would need. You can call the office if you want to verify the current fees and should there be any more requirements. Luckily, searching for this type of local records can this time be accomplished over the web with total independence. You only have to find the right online resource, pay for a reasonable price to be able to produce the arrest information in just a few clicks.

Bibb County Arrest Log

It should be easy to uncover the list of names of those who had arrest history in the past. Here are the following facts to go about the search:

  • House Bill 397 allows residents in Bibb to gather data on arrest for a variety of reasons. Hence, the locals have the right to do the request on the acquisition of these arrest documents.
  • So, to get started you have to visit the main office of the Bibb government and ask for request form which you will need to fill out.
  • The form asks you to supply the following details including name of requestor, personal particulars, specific type of record to request and the basic information about the person you are investigating with.
  • When the form is completed, you submit it to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Bibb County Sheriff Arrests

There are other vital online records resources where you can pick up valuable legal information from. These include the following:

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