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You can search through Georgia arrest records by going through the state or by using an online search site. Both require that you pay a fee, and the online site may be more expensive, but you’ll also receive the information quickly and be assured of its accuracy. If you want to access Georgia criminal records through the state, you must apply through the Sheriff’s office or Police Department where the arrest took place. Information contained in Georgia arrest records might include the full name, date of birth, race, sex, height and weight and even the social security number. You may also be able to see the date of arrest and charges – and the final court decision.

A Georgia county arrest log may also contain arrest records, but you’ll need to know the county where the crime took place and possibly other information pertaining to the arrest. You must write to the proper county or judicial court and know that it may take time to obtain the Georgia arrest record through the mail. If you want to choose a faster way to obtain Georgia criminal records, you should check out the online search sites that are available.

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Most of the online search sites have powerful databases and extremely powerful search engines that can search through millions of records within seconds or minutes and then deliver the report to you at your private email address. The report is yours to keep. No one will know you requested the information and your payment information are encrypted. There are several reasons why residents in Georgia would want to gather information about arrest records. Whatever it is, the sure thing is that it is mandated by law that the said records be divulged for public consumption.

Even a Georgia county arrest log will reveal much information about a person in question. Most people want data about a person in a short amount of time, rather than having to wait on the mail system and the slow moving court system to provide the information. When you bypass the hassle of going through the state, you’re not only ensuring that the information you’re seeking will be delivered in a timely manner – you’re also ensuring that the information will be accurate and up to date.

Whatever reason you’re searching for Georgia arrest records, check out some of the online sites and learn how they can help save you time and anguish. Rather than filling out endless forms and waiting for snail mail, you can simply enter a small amount of information and within minutes, you’ll likely receive the report.

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